With our anniversary tomorrow, I have found myself reminiscing over wedding pictures, mentally reviewing our first year as Mr. + Mrs. and remembering the beginning of us.

It all began with a wedding, where Travis was smitten with the girl in the red shoes. Dancing the night away, a simple chance meeting quickly grew into a future forever.

Honestly speaking, I thought my “ladies room challenge” would have ended the night of the wedding. But I quickly realized I was more interested than I first expected when I cancelled a Wild game date and invite him over for dinner three days later. Yes, I actually made dinner for our first date! Many months and countless moves later, it was becoming obvious to everyone that Travis wasn’t the only smitten one.

A wedding may have been how it all started, but it has been the memories we’ve shared and the lessons we’ve learned together that has made us who we are today. We now spend our winters on the slopes, our nights watching “What Not To Wear” and many summer WT weekends at the races, truly embracing each others hobbies and interests as our own. With initial thoughts of “it’s about time’ when Travis finally proposed, this girl in the red shoes has finally realized that we have only begun writing “our story” together. And hopefully my dancing partner will continue a life of being smitten.. and doing the dishes!

shauna ♥

The wedding where it all began! And our FIRST picture together!


Every year the hubby and I host an annual pool party to celebrate summer with our family and friends. This year, I decided to add a little simply loves twist to the day and really celebrate in coordinated style!

Guests were treated to pulled turkey and cheese sandwiches, fruit pizza, sweet cupcakes and snow cones! With the sun shinning, the kids swam while the adults enjoyed great conversation, cold beverages and a little late night bonfire.

Added bonus? My family made the seven hour trip from Winnipeg, Manitoba and I was able to swipe my brother’s camera to shoot these amazing memories seen below. Future career in photographer??? Maybe so… but until then enjoy the party!

shauna ♥


It might be something small, a mere mention on another website, but to me it’s the beginning of dreams coming true!!! “They know my name! They know my name”, I happily shouted when I first clicked on the link today. It’s definitely the little things that make all the hard work so worth it!

PHUONG + DAVID {6.23.12}

I have been DYING to blog about Phuong + David’s AMAZING wedding day!!! Having worked with Phuong at Coach for a couple of years, I had a pretty good understanding of her wedding vision but more importantly, I felt like I could really relate with Phuong + David, the couple. Phuong is hilarious and the life of any party, while David is more than happy to sit back, relax and watch her shine!! So, I was just beyond estatic when she agreed to my crazy idea of being the first Simply Loves Wedding & Design bride! I felt so honored to be apart of their lives for over 18 months looking at venues, picking flowers and of course helping with all the little details that made their day everything they wanted.

In my mind, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing two people, so madly in love who want to share that love in front of their closest family and friends. And to be a part of that, to witness that, it’s exactly WHY I wanted to start planning weddings! It’s a feeling that just can’t be described. And as a “newbie” wedding coordinator, I don’t think I could have asked for a more perfect “first” couple!

I was also able to meet some pretty amazing vendors along the way and I’m beyond THRILLED that Phuong was so persistant in her desire for a wedding videographer {and sadly after seeing the video, a bit jealous that I wasn’t so persistant for my own!}. I’m also absolutely convinced that every bride needs to meet and book Natin from Morenostudio’s!!!! Thanks to him and his AMAZING talents, Phuong + David will forever be able to cherish this beautiful memory of their perfect day!

Phuong + David from MORENOSTUDIO on Vimeo.


Well, another week has gone by and I’m still without internet at my house, which makes it very difficult to blog. No matter how many great post ideas I have! But, it’s Wednesday and that means another addition of “What I Wore Wednesday”. I was craving comfort and sensibility today, so I went with a very laid-back look. Wearing my favorite shoes and probably the most comfortable pants I own, I approached my day with ease.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their day and once my internet is finally running, I’ll share all about our new house project!

shauna ♥

{shirt} Garage {pants} J. Crew {shoes} Nine West {jewels} J. Crew

may you find inspiration in the big picture, but find love in the details