FAVORITE picture from season one!  photography {Liquid Spectrum}

FAVORITE picture from season one!
photography {Liquid Spectrum}

I have spent years in the gym, jumping from one fad workout to the next. Bootcamp. Crossfit. Zumbo. You name it and I’ve probably tried it. See I love the rush of working out. I love taking care of myself both mentally and physically but I hadn’t found that one activity that I truly loved or felt motivated by to achieve the results I wanted. Until I discovered life in clear heels and oh, what an interesting life it is! 🙂

{disclaimer} My original plan was to blog during my competition prep to document my experience, emotions, etc., however; with a one year old, full time job and crazy gym schedule that just didn’t happen. So, I’m splitting my thoughts up into parts, which may or may not have a rhyme or reason to them. My Life in Clear Heels…part one

{why fitness competitions} Fitness competitions are a unique breed. I’ve haven’t found another sport that gets such mixed responses from people then when you tell them that you compete. Some are impressed with the hard work, dedication and determination it takes to walk that stage. Others are worried that you don’t eat, judge you for being selfish or tell you “just don’t get too muscular” as if it’s their body you are living in. Throughout my journey I experienced all these responses and then some from family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances. Thankfully, I decided to take those reactions; good, bad or indifferent and make myself stronger through my 18 weeks of prep.

But really, why? Often my knee-jerk, smart-arse reaction to that question is “why not?” but seriously, “why not?” As mentioned, I have tried almost everything in search of that something that fuels me. I love to box. I like to road bike. I even like a yoga class once in a blue moon, but none of these activities push me like the thought of stepping on that stage. None of these activities make me WANT to be better. DRIVE me to be better. After having our first kiddo in 2015, I was completely amazed by what our bodies can do, especially when we take our minds out of the equation. With that the decision to compete was made and it was a 100% personal decision. So yes, I guess this can be a selfish sport. But if I can teach my son the lessons of a) taking care of yourself b) that hard work pays off and c) it takes dedication to finish what you started in the process and still be labeled as selfish, then I’m ok with that.

{next steps} So I made the commitment to compete, fantastic! What’s next? Personally, finding a female coach around my age and who had kiddos was really important to me. I wanted someone who knew the female body and understood the postpartum hormones. Once I found my amazing coach Karen Capezza we determined the shows I would compete in {part two} and got to work! We started training in September; lifting heavy, trying to build as much as possible before my cutting phase {part two} started in January.

Karen really was more than a trainer to me. She was a coach through all the crabby times, a friend through the fun times and really my rock during the whole experience. Not only was she training me, but she was competing in both shows along side me as well. And I can honestly say that our 7 month journey has been a blast!

{to be continued…}

shauna ♥

may you find inspiration in the big picture, but find love in the details

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