Well, another week has gone by and I’m still without internet at my house, which makes it very difficult to blog. No matter how many great post ideas I have! But, it’s Wednesday and that means another addition of “What I Wore Wednesday”. I was craving comfort and sensibility today, so I went with a very laid-back look. Wearing my favorite shoes and probably the most comfortable pants I own, I approached my day with ease.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their day and once my internet is finally running, I’ll share all about our new house project!

shauna ♥

{shirt} Garage {pants} J. Crew {shoes} Nine West {jewels} J. Crew


It’s “What I Wore Wednesday” and this morning I had summer romance on my mind thanks to all the amazing Simply Loves Wedding & Design weddings currently filling my brain! So I picked out the most feminine, flowery dress complete with ruffles that I could find. Added some pearls and bangles for extra fun and voila! A perfect summer look! {I did toss around the idea of a woven belt, but I wore a cardigan this morning and I didn’t want the belt to compete. I probably should have opted for the belt! HA!}

shauna ♥

{dress} Lauren Conrad {shoes} Adrienne Vittadini {jewels} Stella & Dot and Target


Well, I’m definitely not proving to be the best “blogger” in the world, but as with all new adventures and habits this will take time and dedication to improve! And it will improve, so please keep reading!

That being said, I only have a couple of quick mintues and with all the things I want to write about, today will be a “blog in list”. I saw a good friend blog in list a couple weeks back and thought it was brilliant. Hopefully she doesn’t get mad that I took her idea, haha, but when you have too much to say and little time, you have to make it work!

{1} I truly believe I am one lucky girl. Probably for reasons most people consider themselves lucky or blessed, but I think it’s worth acknowledging and saying out loud every once in awhile.

{2} Today is so BEAUTIFUL in Minneapolis, that I enjoyed another peaceful lunch with coworkers outside on our picnic table. When you have lunches like that, who can complain?

{3} Yesterday was my mom’s 60th birthday. I wish I was able to be home and celebrate with her. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!

{4} In my quest to give up sugar, I am happy to say that I can now actually taste all the natural sugar in fruit! HA! And did you know that one banana has 17 grams? It’s just crazy to be really enjoying all the natural things God has given us after spending so many years eating man-made crap! And not feeling like I’m missing out on anything!

{5} ‘Tis the season! The hubby has been working like crazy that we haven’t had much time to see each other. However, we still managed to find time for TWO date nights in the past TWO weeks! Gotta keep those “honeymoon” sparks a flyin’ when life steps in!

{6} I have book another WEDDING!!! I’m beyond THRILLED and honored to be a part of Julia + Mike’s special day.. which, btw, will be AMAZING because that girl has some serious style!

{7} In step with my “no sugar” lifestyle, I have started to adjust my overall nutrition as well. I’ve always heard “diets make abs” but never followed through with it. Well, boy, do DIETS MAKE ABS!! Believe me! Goals- here I come!

{8} I have been invited {and accepted of course} to attend one of my bride’s showers this weekend. These are the moments that people forget and rush through during the engagement period that really hold value and meaning to a union. Don’t rush them. They are as precious as the day!

{9} Today is Administrative Professionals Day and if you know me, I HATE being called an admin.. but I do love the appreciation of flowers, cards and lunches. So, thank you! {even though I’m only doing my job! hehe}

{10} It’s “What I Wore Wednesday” {a new addition to the blog} and I knew it would be a great day when I pulled together such a fun outfit with little to no effort at all! These are the mornings that make me smile.

Enjoy your day!

shauna ♥

{skirt} Francesca’s {sweater} GAP {white shirt} J Crew {jewels} Stella & Dot


My husband and I are FINALLY going on our 7-day Western Caribbean honeymoon cruise this weekend. So exciting! Of course I am beyond thrilled to celebrate our newlywed bliss and to see all the wonders that the sea has to offer, but honestly I am just so so excited to wear all my fabulous “cruise attire!!” And my idea of cruise attire just screams stripes and straw fedoras! Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ll be packing.

{1} J. Crew Tillary Purse. {2} Mcelhinny Straw Hat. {3} J. Crew Blouson Dress in Stripe.

shauna ♥


Feeling a little extra romantic this Valentine’s Day? Why not show your honey that you wear your heart on your sleeve, literally! I am completely obsessed with this adorable “Heart Throb” pattern from J. Crew which has everything from shirts to skirts to bathing suits and even iPhone cases! Love it! Fun and flirty, this pattern is definitely guaranteed to spread the love this Valentines’s Day!

shauna  ♥

may you find inspiration in the big picture, but find love in the details