Looks like my other shoe has dropped and it’s snapping memories along the way! 🙂

I have spent years looking at the memories and stories that a picture can tell. In college we would run to Target Sunday mornings and laugh as we flipped through the memories from the night before. Our wedding was captured in the form kisses, smiles and family portraits. And after a year, we have a healthy little boy covered in cake to remind us just how blessed we truly are. Pictures tell a story. They share a moment that otherwise may have been forgotten. I want to capture as many of those moments and memories as we grow and share all of life’s passions together.

Today’s memory, practice practice practice with one of my favorite monsters. Let the fun begin…

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What do you get when you add some delicate blush paint, a shimmery gold chevron accent wall and Queen Anne vintage furniture, why simply loves wedding & design’s FIRST office of course!!!! 🙂 That’s right, we did it! We took the plunge and decided that the next logical step for our business should be to rent an office {ekkkk}. Or, as the hubby likes to call it, “a playhouse.” 🙂 So now that we have the beginnings of our new home underway {with much much more work left to do}, it’s time to get down to business planning some fabuously gorgeous I do’s! Which we will definitely enjoy even more from our new “playhouse!”

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So, I started this blog with every intention in the world to become amazing at it! I read other blogs day and night and I think, “I could totally do this!”. WRONG! I am a HORRIBLE BLOGGER! The purpose of this blog is to help me communicate and show potentional brides, fiance’s, family and friends just what we can do to make their special day completely stress free and absolutey amazing, yet I seem to forget to update it with pictures of our work! So, a blogger I am not! This I have learned. What I do know is that I’m a wedding planner, and not to toot my own horn (well maybe just one toot!), a pretty darn great one at that! And I would love to sit here and promise that I will post images upon images of our weddings, but I probbaly won’t. So, this blog is growing up and becoming an official website!!!!! YIPPPPEEEE!!! I will still keep the blog once the website is launched with again the hopes that one day I’ll become this amaizng blogger, but until then, at least future couples will be able enjoy some of our favorite moments from our creative and delightfully designed weddings of this past year!

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Today I spent my lazy Saturday watching a marathon of my FAVORITE HGTV designer Sarah Richardson, who besides having amazing design style just happens to also a) be a fellow Canadian b) is a Gamma Phi Beta!! So clearly, that makes her all that more AH-MAZING!!

Along with her fashionable design sidekick Tommy Smythe, Sarah creates rooms filled with custom furnishings, soothing colors, bold patterns and tons of personality. I’m jealous of her ability to recognize potential in anything vintage, her talent for mixing patterns and well, basically every room that she creates!

Today’s marathon has caused me to slowly walk around my house in silence, evaluating how I can mix patterns and add rich textures into each room, trying to inject some Sarah style into my home! Unfortunately, my budget and Hubby’s patience isn’t quite as big, so for now I’ll have to settle with admiring some of my favorite Sarah Richardson rooms!

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Every year the hubby and I host an annual pool party to celebrate summer with our family and friends. This year, I decided to add a little simply loves twist to the day and really celebrate in coordinated style!

Guests were treated to pulled turkey and cheese sandwiches, fruit pizza, sweet cupcakes and snow cones! With the sun shinning, the kids swam while the adults enjoyed great conversation, cold beverages and a little late night bonfire.

Added bonus? My family made the seven hour trip from Winnipeg, Manitoba and I was able to swipe my brother’s camera to shoot these amazing memories seen below. Future career in photographer??? Maybe so… but until then enjoy the party!

shauna ♥

may you find inspiration in the big picture, but find love in the details