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Well, this has been an interesting couple of days, to say the least. We left Minneapolis for Tampa all full of excitement and anticipation for our 7 day, Exotic Caribbean honeymoon cruise. Our bags were packed, dogs taken care of and we had the typical “travel” attitudes with each other, everything a honeymooner could ask for! Little did we know, something was missing.

We met up with our friends who are also on the cruise {a discussion for another time} and eagerly made our way to the ship to check-in. It was there that I realized that I forgot my GREEN CARD! My must-have-on-person-at-all-times-otherwise-I-can’t-get-back-into-the-country-because-I’m-not-a-citizen GREEN CARD!

We didn’t give up though and I have to say that I’m amazed at the kindness of people and their ability to swiftly move to action. We quickly booked my flight and room in Grand Cayman, my green card was put on the last flight out of Minneapolis to Tampa and my husband went back on our cruise to meet me bright and early Tuesday morning.

So, here I sit. In the Tampa airport, drinking my beer again excited and eagerly anticipating my days on the beach and fun in the sun with my honeymooner! Sure this is a set back, a change in plans if you will. But, it was no one’s fault but my own. Lesson definitely learned. GREEN CARD always on person!

See you soon my fellow honeymooner, I love you!!

shauna ♥



Oy! This is me taking a leap and nervously opening up to the world. I’m not sure how I’ll make my blog unique or if people will want to read what I have to say, but I figured why not give it the “good old college try.”

Actually the beginning of a very scaring yet exciting adventure for me, this blog officially launches Simply Loves Wedding & Design by Shauna Kathleen     {that would be me}. After seven years of corporate and non-profit event planning, I’ve decided to focus on my passion for fine details and my love for the world of “I Do’s.” Although this blog will focus mainly on brides, grooms and everything that goes into their big day, I also plan on sharing my many other loves in life such as family, fashion, interior design and much much more. So, thank you for taking the time to stop by and I hope you do so again soon.

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My husband and I are FINALLY going on our 7-day Western Caribbean honeymoon cruise this weekend. So exciting! Of course I am beyond thrilled to celebrate our newlywed bliss and to see all the wonders that the sea has to offer, but honestly I am just so so excited to wear all my fabulous “cruise attire!!” And my idea of cruise attire just screams stripes and straw fedoras! Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ll be packing.

{1} J. Crew Tillary Purse. {2} Mcelhinny Straw Hat. {3} J. Crew Blouson Dress in Stripe.

shauna ♥


Interior design is my favorite love. I have a passion for bringing our personal character and attitude into every room in our home.  I soak up as many books and magazines on different styles that I can just so I can feel confident and not so crazy with what I come up with. Many times I get overwhelmed and can’t sleep at night because of all the ideas and thoughts I have in my head. I love that. I love the excitment and drive design gives me. It may seem so simple but there is just something a little color, pattern and decor can do to a persons heart!

My favorite style is traditional/rustic meets modern but always with a punch of color for flare.

I think that neutral couches are the perfect blank slate for any room to be accented by bright pillows, fun throws and painted or textured walls. Both rooms have a traditional feel with warm tones for the ultimate cozy-rustic living space.

The dinning room below is another perfect example. Thanks to the hard lines of the fireplace with the monocromatic stone and wall color this room has modern bones. However, I love that they used the curved back chairs, an antiqued wood table and old pots to bring in the cozy-rustic-lived-in feel. Who doesn’t want a dinning room that screams “welcoming” when entertaining guests!

I know the my style and ideas don’t work for everyone, but that’s what I love most about design. Make your home about you. We express so much daily in what we wear and how we present ourselves, I just think we sometimes forget to do the same within the walls we live.

shauna ♥


Feeling a little extra romantic this Valentine’s Day? Why not show your honey that you wear your heart on your sleeve, literally! I am completely obsessed with this adorable “Heart Throb” pattern from J. Crew which has everything from shirts to skirts to bathing suits and even iPhone cases! Love it! Fun and flirty, this pattern is definitely guaranteed to spread the love this Valentines’s Day!

shauna  ♥

may you find inspiration in the big picture, but find love in the details